I have lived with Crohn’s for almost 5 years now.  This blog is a journey down the road that Crohn’s has lead me.  It has the good and the bad.  I am continuing to seek and pray for some way out of this disease.  Time will tell what I find.


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  1. Chaz:
    Where and who is doing your surgery? I (male/44/married) had this done a year ago with excellant results. I know you are stressed… if you have any questions, I would love to ease your mind with answeres to questions thta only someone who has been through this would know or understand. Contact me if you wish

  2. i think you should write a book! what an amazing story and testimony!

  3. Hello– I recieved word that I was developing cancer from my Ulcerative colitis and have to have the J-pouch surgery. I found our site through doing my research for the surgery, you’ve made me laugh and cry. I just hope when my surgery comes I have the strength you have.

  4. Hello!
    My name is Helen. I’m 33 live in Liverpool (UK), have colitis and am due to have an ileostomy in the next few months. I not someone who usually contacts people but felt I just wanted to thank you sincerely for sharing your experiences on the web. Reading your blog has been incredibly useful for me. Best wishes. Hels :0)

  5. Chaz, Do you have Crohn’s?? or did you end up having Ulcerative Colitis?? Just wondering, when I had my 1st surgery a few weeks ago, the surgeon did not creat my j-pouch and he did an end ileostomy because he felt my colon looked more like it had crohn’s instead of UC, then pathology confirmed crohn’s. So he said I am not a candidate for the J-pouch. I was just wondering about you since your blog is titled “My Life With Crohn’s” Hope you are doing well 🙂

    • Elise,
      No I do not have Crohn’s. I thought I had Crohn’s for 5 years, but then just 4 weeks before my surgery we found out it was UC. My doctor confirmed it when he did the surgery by checking my small intestines for any inflammation, everything was good, so he went on and made my J-pouch. I didn’t change the title name, because WordPress doesn’t let you change the name. I didn’t want to kill this site and start over with a new one called, mylifewithUC.com So I just kept this one.

      So sorry to hear that you were not able to get a J-pouch. Had my small intestines been inflamed I also would have gotten the end ileostomy. Was your doctor just worried about your colon or your large and small intestines? If just your colon is bad, you were going to remove it anyway?

  6. Hey Elise, I had the same question. Chaz, I just thought I would find out more as I kept reading. Thinking that later after the take down you found out that you actually had crohn’s. I know of one person that actually happened to. It was very sad because he went through all of the surgery’s only to find out less than a year from the first surgery that he actually had crohn’s. He did the surgery as precautionary and to get rid of UC. He was a young kid too. Poor thing. But he has overcome the “let down” and is a great young adult now. Not to say he wasnt a great kid but I think you can understand.

  7. Has your ‘lumpy lefty’ gone away? I just had a takedown about 3 weeks ago and do not like the look of this lump at all. Thanks and good luck!

    • Rocko, thanks for the response. To answer your question, no my lump has not really gone down. My wife thinks it has a little, but I don’t think it has. My doctor says it can take about a year to go away. I guess I just have to get used to my new little friend.

  8. Hey chaz look me up on FB. I am on there too.
    Merry Lynn Guy

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