Colon Pics (click if you want)



6 Responses to “Colon Pics (click if you want)”

  1. Wow, Lori. I am just now reading your blog and realizing that you’ve had your colon removed. I will try to read archives to find out why. I just completed my CNA program and we learned quite a bit about stomas and the many reasons they are necessary.
    You are a brave and courageous woman to be sharing all of your endeavors with Crohn’s. I know a couple of people who have Crohn’s, too. Keep the faith!

    • Jackie, you are so sweet!! But, actually my husband, Chaz, is the ‘brave & courageous’ one! Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. WOW! Did you ask for these pictures or did they just give them to you?

    • Jamie, we gave them a disposable camera before we went back to surgery. They just told us they would do what they could… promises.

  3. wow… had my take down nearly a year ago… didn’t realize they take out so much…i mean i know all the lingo by now…all the medical jargon>>>i’ve had UC for years..but still…SEEING IT… wow….

  4. Wow!

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