New Readers – Here’s My Story

Because the Blog has gotten so long, I wanted to arrange my story about living with Crohn’s in chronological order for those who wanted to read it.  This is a quick synopsis of the past 5 1/2 years of my life leading up to my surgery.  Enjoy the read.

  1. In the Beginning…

  2. In the Beginning (part – 2)

  3. In the Beginning (part – 3)

  4. College Retreat and Ski Trip

  5. More Trips, More Problems

  6. Dealing with Crohn’s

  7. Learning to Cope

  8. Living the Next 4 Years

  9. The Day the Laughing Stopped

  10. On the Way Home

  11. Sinking Ship, Sinking Life

  12. 30 Times a Day

  13. It’s Over, I Want Out

  14. Now You’re Caught Up


2 Responses to “New Readers – Here’s My Story”

  1. Hi there, I have just randomly stumbled upon this but feel I should inpart some uncommon knowledge to yourself that I have seen work with a few people including my mum who has had Crohns since 1984. To gain control over this illness that like many the government know about but do nothing to fix it even though they can (long story, you would think I was a nut job if I explained here) there are some things you can do as Crohns is not genetic? 1: Cut out ALL dairy in ALL things, use rice or oat milk instead 2: Change yourself and loved ones to as much of an organic diet as possible and if you cant afford the meat (no offence intended, I cant afford it) then buy Halal meat.
    For a beginner basis on the above points to back up what I say in case your thinking wtf is this guy on, visit and read a book called: Never Be Sick Again by Raymond Francis. Ignore the food grouping peramics in that book around carbs/protein/types of veg, ect as I have researched them and without boring you they are not practically appliable but everything else is spot on. Good luck, Oh yes and if your Melzalazine or Sulfersalazine (Prednisalone/ Buedesnide)is enteric coated get your GP to change it back to (normal) as it is type of plastic called phalites that make things like shower curtains bendy. Take care, Barry.

  2. I too stumbled onto your site due to the fact I have just been ‘blessed’ (yeah right!) with a ileostomy. I hate it, loath it, can’t wait to get rid of it. I related to many of your experiences, I have had Crohn’s for over 7 years now and it has resulted in me having my colon removed, a further metre of small bowel and this past Oct my bowel perforated in two places (due to the Crohns) so I now have the ileostomy until March 7th when my surgeon is going to try and join things back up. My problem is that my Crohns is particularly aggressive and I am yet to experience any period of remission. I have tried all the drugs, all the treatments but it keeps coming back. I now have short gut syndrome as a result of the bits of my bowel that have been taken by the Crohns so I have to have TPN feeding every night to ensure I get the nutrition I require (I was severly malnurourishd by the time my bowel perforated). I can’t have children because of the state Crohn’s has left my body in and I am currently unable to work. Angry? yes, sad? yes, not sure what to do next? Yes. Alone, yes, yes, yes.
    I think you are very lucky to have someone to share this journey with. I am on my own and very often I think, if I’m this disgusted and shocked by the awful things my body does to me and the shocking sounds and substances it can produce, what would someone else think? The fact you have a partner who shares this journey with you (as much as someone on the outside can) is something to celebrate and hold on to.

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