Warning (Please Read if first time to this site.)

This blog contains graphic writing of my life with Crohn’s.  If Potty talk is not something that you want to read then this is not the blog for you.  I will be revealing the naked truth of how my life has been effected by Crohn’s over the past 5 years, the funny, the sad, the down right nasty of living day in and day out with this disease.  If you do not wish to read then you can click here to go to my family blog.  If you would like to read on, and I would love for you to do it, then you can click here to go to my blog,  My Life with Crohn’s.

By the way, I changed the names of friends and co-workers so as to not embarrass them in anything that I write.

Thank you

Chaz Burton.


7 Responses to “Warning (Please Read if first time to this site.)”

  1. Chaz-
    Your blog is so wonderful. It is real and raw and gives the cold hard facts about anyone living with Chrons or any other illness. I know it will give comfort and support to others. Even in hard times you and Lori continue to be a blessing to others and we are grateful to have you both in our lives. Our continued prayers and support always.

  2. Feel like I am reading a novel. Have always loved your honesty and you definitely exhibit that here and in a good way. I feel informed and know that it will be informational and a blessing to others. Reading every day…

  3. wow thanks for your insightful entertaining way u have discussed very serious issues i have ibs so i can relate to the cramps and the bloating but not by any stretch of the imagination as much as yours . Tony has been reading this as well jeff and i with Tony just read all the days up to today and he wanted me to let you know tht he defintely relates to you please know that u and your famiy is in our prayers and i cant wait till tomorrows read just know that God has always used u for your honesty and talented way u communicate with people that is truly a Gift given only to some very special people and thru this blog u will continue your candidness and i appreciate tht because as healthy as we are it could happen to anyone of us.

  4. Chaz-
    As I read your blog I cried w/ you through your horrible ordeal. I really appreciate your transparency through it all- I am sure it wasn’t easy to write. I will be praying for you in surgery tomorrow- I will be praying for Lori & the boys as well. Please, if there is anything Kirk & I can do to help you & Lori while you heal, don’t hesitate to ask. God bless you & keep you strong.

  5. In fact I am unable to search the net on the situation is similar to the case of my father and was surprised when I saw a beautiful write
    I hit a state of despair
    Have had surgery in 1997 to eradicate the entire colon and bowel bag used to collect the stool
    For a period of 3 months
    After 10 years, complained of strong contractions in the intestine and had two operations during the month of
    Which led to a fistula surgeon in the small intestine
    He is now suffering from intestinal fistula did not find a solution. Thank you a lot thanks to the wonderful theme.

  6. I’m a Crohn’s mom — you know, mother of a son with Crohn’s. I spend way too much time reading about this disease. It’s fascinating, maddening, disgraceful. I stumble upon so many blogs, but yours caught my eye for some reason. I think it must be the honest approach you have. I think it must also be the fact that I’m so excited you’re in control. Our family has been dealing with this beast for 12 years, and my son is only 27. I’m sure you know what I mean when I say “our family” has been dealing with this. But, anyway, thanks for taking the time to do this. You are making a difference for all of us who can’t stop reading.

  7. Very insightful blog, although I havent suffered thru Crohn’s, three months ago i was sticken with an extreme case of Divirticulitis and a perforated colon. Long story short i woke up after losing 12″ of my colon with a stoma and a bag. Not my idea of a successful surgery lol. Fourteen days ago i had reversal surgery and am on the mend like you. I feel your emotions as well. Talk about needing to tap your inner strength right? I hope the best for you, be strong mentally as you no doubt know at this time. The mind is a very powerful tool. God-Speed to you, you will prevail!!!

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